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Brazilian Trannies In Heat - Volume 2
Say hello to big, beautiful Julia. And by "big" we mean tall... but also big tits, big butt, and really big dick! All of which she shows off in a fiery, gyrating striptease.
Enter an even bigger cock, property of tranny lover Wil. Julia and Wil make out on the bed, kissing and petting each other passionately.
Long, deep, MUTUAL BLOWJOBS ensue. Wil licks and fingers Julia’s asshole, Julia jerks both their cocks with one hand.
Wil FUCKS Julia on her side before getting on his back so she can ride his cock like a bronco. She cries out with pleasure as Wil jackhammers her rectum. Her own cock whips around wildly as she takes the pounding.
Then it’s her turn to pump Wil’s ass and she takes him in several positions. Will rides her cock until he BLASTS A HUGE LOAD all over the bed, then spins around and sucks and stokes Julia to her own MASSIVE CLIMAX!

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